Ben Ben Lamp

benben lamp

Whether you are looking for a lighting solution for your home or a commercial restaurant, the Ben cone is the way to go. The Ben has 18 silk and linen color fabrics to choose from, including a tad more than one. A professional installation is also recommended.

The Ben Cone is also a tad bit more complicated to assemble. While a little time consuming, the finished product is well worth the trouble. A modern interpretation of the traditional lighting fixture, the Ben is a great way to bring a contemporary look to any room. The Ben Cone is available in a wide range of finishes including the more muted hues of black, brown and white. You can also opt for a more traditional look with a polished finish.

The Ben Cone has the right mix of modern aesthetics and vintage flair to satisfy your highbrow taste. The Ben has a definite high class aura, which is why it is a must have for anyone in the market for a new lighting solution. The Ben is a great way to bring ambiance and style to your favorite room or office.