Choosing Floor Lamps With No Shade

There are many factors to consider when selecting a floor lamp, from the style of shade to whether you want an adjustable option. After all, a great floor lamp should add style to any room while also providing adequate lighting.

Floor lamps come in all shapes and sizes, so if you’re looking for a lamp that’s unique, try a style with an arcing neck or a sleek design. These types of floor lamps can double as overhead lighting or make a space feel bigger by providing a bright source of light at the foot of a couch or bed.

Some of our favorites are a minimalist LED floor lamp from Scandinavian designer Muuto, a modern marble-and-glass option from Threshold, and a wood and rattan option from World Market that’s both affordable and versatile. They’re easy to assemble and available in a variety of colorways that will fit in with any decor.

A frosted glass shade can help tame a bright light bulb and reduce glare, while a fabric drum can add an extra level of warmth and ambiance to a room. You’ll find options that offer a more natural look in linen, burlap, or cotton, and you can get lampshade styles like cones, mushrooms, globes, and pleated designs as well.

You can also choose a floor lamp with a traditional, Edison-style bulb that shines brightly or a soft, indirect glow that maximizes your wattage. Depending on the base of your new lamp, you’ll also have options that let you adjust your lamp’s brightness with a dimmer switch.

The best floor lamps for your space should be a blend of functionality and style, according to New Orleans-based interior designer Nadia Ramadan. She recommends choosing one that’s under 50 inches tall for shorter ceilings, and at least 60 inches tall if you have a taller home.

In addition, she says that you should always be mindful of your budget when selecting a new floor lamp. „If you’re on a tight budget, avoid a lamp that doesn’t have any smart features or has a small wattage,” she warns.

Alternatively, Ramadan advises choosing a style that’s more decorative or on-trend. A white or black lampshade on a white or black base can give a modern look to any room, she suggests.

Another way to add interest to a space is with a floor lamp with a tripod construction. Typically, this type of lamp has a wooden or metal base that’s designed to support the arcing shade.

These styles can be especially useful for spaces where you’re trying to balance a lot of natural or organic elements with clean, contemporary design. For example, the wood and rattan arc-shaped design of this World Market floor lamp works great for homes that have rustic or industrial aesthetics.

In general, you should place standing floor lamps near where you need them most — beside a couch or bed, or tucked into a corner. In addition, some upright floor lamps have swing arms that allow you to adjust the height of the shade. This is useful if you’re reading or working at a desk under the shade, as well.